Friday, March 13, 2020

Master Plan Essays

Master Plan Essays Master Plan Essay Master Plan Essay The Batangas, Taal, Tagaytay, and Ternate area has been selected as one of five areas for more detailed study and planning as a major destination for tourism in the Philippines. Its proximity to Manila and its diverse large of attractions makes it suitable for both overnight and excursion based tourism. However, its proximity also places it square in the eye of major industrial development under the calabarzon masterplan and whilst this addresses the tourism issue, there is a need to understand a more detailed analysis to determine how tourism development can fit with what will be one of the Philippines major industrial centers on the 21st century. Development Strategies Short term to 1993, the main strategies should be to; 1. Making the best use of the existing attractions, transportation and related tourist accommodation plant in the areas by: developing at least one day/overnight self drive or guided circuit tour program that bring together the diverse attractions of the study are; -upgrading existing attractions and signage to facilitate the flow of tourism to and within the area; -upgrading key transport infrastructure where possible; and -encouraging existing transportation and accommodation owners to upgrade and expand the capacity of their operations through a program of spe cial incentives. 2. Facilitate the planning and rapid development by the private sector of atleast two major integrated resort centres on the Batangas coast, especially at Laiya in the south and hacienda Looc, near Masugbu by providing the necessary road access and upgrading. 3. Ensure that the interests of tourism are protected and fully accounted for in industrialization plans for the area by preparing a long term tourism development master plan which -relates to the current industrialization plans and set the basis for ensuring that the interests of tourism are protected and enhanced; identifies the hierarchy of tourism attractions and associated brecincts, the capacities that can be handled, the volume of development involved, and the infrastructure programs required; and -lays the ground for the expansion of tourism in the medium to longer term in the context of environmental stability In the medium term (1993 to 1996) in addition to continuing to enforce strict environmental standards in relation to tourism development, the main emphasis should be on implementing the comprehensive tourism master plan for the area bases on improvements and expansion road transportation infrastructure -developing additional hotel and resort facilities in key tourist precincts bases on determined requirements of the master development plan; and -expanding the packaging and promotion of the area as its capacity to handle an increasing tourism flow increases In the longer term (1997 onwards), the main thrust should be to consolidate the destination as the Philippines leading mass market destination through extensive packaging and promotion.

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