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Organizational Change Proposal Essay examples - 2104 Words

Organizational Change Proposal Science Applications International Corporation Self-Development Process at SAIC Introduction Science Applications International Corporation has long enjoyed a very focused and substantive self-development program. However, the self-development program for individual employees is guided by management determination of where the employee best fits into the organization. This suggests a mid-level, management centric approach to employee self-development. The challenge for SAIC is to create a systems approach for self-development that allows significant latitude for the employee to chart their unique, self-development strategy. SAIC does not allow the employee to develop a†¦show more content†¦By and large, employees have stated that management is too focused on task execution and not enough on developing subordinates. Access to management is difficult within SAIC. The hierarchical structure of the company promotes a disconnected workforce. The consequences of SAIC leadership not recognizing employee perceptions could prove to be severe. Employee turn-over i s high within many sectors of SAIC. This trend will continue if SAIC leadership does not empower their employees with more self determination in self-development. Desired Future State The ideal state for self determination in the area of self-development is to allow the individual employee maximum latitude in accessing, enrolling, and completing three to four self-development modules annually. Many of these courses take an hour to complete on-line. SAIC leadership should cover the hours used for each employee through general overhead dollars. Although this would prove to be costly, it would save the company millions in the long run. As an alternative, employees could take these classes on their own time, if the overhead costs proved too high. Most employees would not think twice about bettering themselves by giving up four hours of time annually. SAIC is on the verge of transitioning to become a learning organization. The sheer size of the company is a major obstacle however. In 2013, SAIC will split into two distinct companies.Show MoreRelatedConsulting Proposal : Leading Organizational Change1448 Words   |  6 PagesConsulting Proposal 1 Roger Pirie Liberty University BMAL 504-B06 – Leading Organizational Change â€Æ' Definition of Project: Upon review of the information provided, it is clear that a vision set forth by Upper management, President and CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. had not been implemented and there is much work that needs to be completed to fulfill his legacy. Bronfman’s statement was clear and concise with a vision to be sought after no matter the cost. His vision, according to Jick Peiperl, 2011 isRead MoreLeading Organizational Change : Consulting Proposal Essay1921 Words   |  8 Pages Consulting Proposal #1 Liberty University BMAL 504 – Leading Organizational Change â€Æ' Consulting Proposal #1 Definition of Project: The understanding of the goal to be envisioned at Seagram moving forward is to become, remain, and develop an outside reputation as the top beverage company with 15% growth each year (Jick Peiperl, 2011). The vision must effectively be passed to the 200 senior managers to make it a shared goal to be given and embraced company wide. The hope is thatRead MoreLawn Care, Inc. Organizational Change Proposal1017 Words   |  5 Pagesthis mission, the following changes in operations have been developed for review. Proposed Organizational Changes In order to gain a better understand of the needs and wants of the Tulsa Market, Lawn Care needs to make drastic changes in order to gain a perspective of what customer wants or needs. These changes need to be both cost efficient, customer oriented, and revenue focused. The first area of change is a reorganization of the back office staff to support the changes. Accounting / Budget Read MoreThe Chicago School Of Professional Psychology Essay1342 Words   |  6 PagesFinal Research Proposal Luis A. Santiago-Gaetan The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Introduction to the Study For several decades, literature has suggested that multinational corporations (MCNs), transnational corporations (TNCs), and or international business companies (IBCs), are among the most powerful and wealthiest organizations in the history of the world (Tirimba Macharia, 2014; Bouquet Birkinshaw, 2008; Fuchs, 2007; Cohen, 2007; Stopford, 1998; Meleka, 1985; Hawkins, 1979)Read MoreAcorn Industries1536 Words   |  7 Pagesbenchmarking, which was used in creating and submitting contract proposals. During the 1990’s, most companies such as Apple, Nike, McDonalds etc. were substantially dependent on the marketing departments that emphasized on face to face meetings with the customers, and employees pushing their sales numbers to increase revenue and business profits, which is similar to Acorn Industries’ approach of utilizing their marketing division to submit their proposals in order to obtain the government contracts (History:Read MoreResearch Report On Outdoor Advent ure Paintball Park1318 Words   |  6 Pagesand in the process, tarnishing the organizations’ reputation of Family safety. The solution to these problems can only be attained by rethinking the whole organizational structure and management style. Currently, the business uses traditional corporate approach where power is to a single authority (Suzanne, Dexter and Andrew, Organizational change for Corporate sustainability). This approach has evidently done more harm to the business than good. The management of the organization should embrace theRead MoreThe Stages in the Organizational Buying Process1471 Words   |  6 PagesChapter 4: Business, Government and Institutional Buying Process 4.4 The Stages in the Organizational Buying Process The process is fundamentally the same as described for consumer buying -- many of the steps are similar, if not identical. As with consumer buying, because some decisions are more complex than others, not all decisions will involve all the steps discussed. Nor will the steps require the same degree of attention, resource commitments, and personnel. New task decisions normally involveRead MoreUnderstanding The Business Process Change1285 Words   |  6 PagesUnderstanding Business Process Change To speak intelligently about the importance of understanding business process change as it relates to employment, it is important to define what business process change means. In the simplest of terms, business process change is a modification to a company’s existing business process. This process could be manual, automated or both. The goal of such changes are to improve the performance and productivity of a company. Advances in technology and globalizationRead MoreThe Effect Of Leadership Styles And Organizational Structures On Innovation965 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effect of Leadership Styles and Organizational Structures on Innovation Introduction Currently, organizations are immersed in a dynamic and competitive environment. Changes in technology and markets, products and services, and changes in consumer preferences are an integral part of such environment. For example, companies are inventing various products while advancements in information and communication technologies (ICT) are continuously changing the ways and channels of product productionRead MoreManaging A City s Health Benefits1574 Words   |  7 Pages Managing a City’s Health Benefits Giovanni Jimenez Northern Arizona University â€Æ' Managing a City’s Health Benefits Changes in organization can make conflicts to emerge. However, in occasions changes are necessary to produce better outcomes within the organization. Depending on the changes the organization makes, HR directors and Union managers must be aware that their decision can make several employees to no agree with them. This paper will discuss the satisfiers and disatisfiers present

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